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A Little About Me 

I’m a Pom from near Manchester in the North West of England.  Now I'm so lucky to call the stunning Lake Macquarie home.  I live with my family, our cat  Kevin, and our very spoilt dog, Dave Daniel the Spaniel Martin the First.  I’m easy going, fun loving and not afraid to be a little different at times.  My career has varied over the years, and I’ve had success in several different fields, mainly being a civil servant in the UK, however I’ve always dreamed of a career in weddings!  I love to organise, plan and to show off my creative personality.  I'm a cake maker, I've made a lot of wedding cakes, and weddings, in fact all celebrations, just seem to spark my soul.  They encapsulate all that is meaningful about our time and purpose on this amazing planet. I love connecting with people, and seeing the beauty of people’s love being shared is such an honour and a wonderful experience.

If you’re looking for someone friendly and easy to chat to about your upcoming ceremony, please get in touch!  Whether you want something elegant and traditional with all the trimmings or you want me dressed as a female Elvis tribute artist singing you down the aisle, I’m more than happy to help you plan your perfect day.

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