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Feeling Nervous? I've Got You.

Most couples I speak to are quite nervous about their big day. What will the ceremony look like? Who do I need? Do I need a planner or a stylist? A DJ or Band? There are so many questions! It’s your big day and you can make it look and feel however you want. The options are limitless, and although this is wonderful it can also make the ceremony itself feel a little daunting.

I'm hoping this blog will help empower you lovers to turn the confusion into calm, to stop feeling overwhelmed and start feeling excited!

So my darlings, in this blog I'm going to focus on the ceremony itself, how it is structured and how you can make it a unique and personal life moment.

I will have you back on the day with anything and everything, from tying windsor knots in ties and fixing droopy dress hems to providing emergency rings if needed. I'll be equipped with an arsenal of tools and tricks to ensure your ceremony is a seamless experience. All you will have to do is look fabulous, say your vows and have an amazing day.

Luckily, most civil weddings follow a similar order of service with some cultural differences and are highly flexible so you can make the ceremony your own following a basic structure. With a few exceptions of some legalities which cannot be omitted, you can pick and choose the elements you wish to include so the day is perfect for you both.

The basic elements are:

The Processional - This is the part at the beginning where the bridal party usually head down the aisle. You can mix this up any way you like or for the more introverted love birds, they can get rid of it all together and slide in from the side. Maybe you’d like to walk each other down the aisle or have your bridesmaids boogie you on down, the choice is yours!

Music suggestions for the Processional

Cannon in D Minor

Wagner Bridal Chorus piano version -Jonathon Cain

Never Stop - Safteysuit

Air on a G String

A Thousand Years - Christina Perri

Some Words of Welcome - To welcome everyone and introduce myself

The Giving Away - Not everyone wishes to be ‘given away’ and some may wish to omit this part, however many brides still enjoy the tradition.

Introductions - This can as long or short as you wish, it’s the part where we talk about you both and your story.

Readings - Readings are a lovely way in which to include others in the ceremony and they would be welcomed up to speak at this point

Poem and Reading Suggestions

Love Sonnet 17 - Pablo Neruda

The Art of Marriage - Wilfred A. Peterson

Always - Lang Leav

How Do I Love Thee – Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Untitled – Christina Rossetti

The Monitum - This part is a legal requirement and cannot be changed

The Asking - This is the bit where the couple get to say ‘I do’ it’s not a legal requirement but lots of couples still want to get to say the words together and can still be included.

The Legal Vows and the Additional Vows - The legal wording of the vows again cannot be changed however you can add your own additional vows in at this stage and make your promise as unique as your relationship.

Optional Rituals. There are many beautiful additional rituals to include if you wish, or we can keep it short and sweet. Couples like to include rituals such as candle, or tree rituals, or more traditional options including jumping over a broom and cultural rituals, like the El Lazo Ceremony using floral ropes. Those who would like to include or acknowledge their children for example, may choose rituals that symbolise the union of family for instance a water or sand ritual.

Ring Exchange - Not everyone choses to have a ring exchange ceremony, other options are available, such as a floral rope exchange.

The Pronouncing - You can choose how you are announced as a married couple, ‘husband and wife’, ‘Wife and Wife’ ‘partners in life’, ‘Husband and Husband’, however you chose to identify together. Then there is the big kiss…or maybe not, no pressure to perform PDA’s if that’s not your thing.

The Signing of the Register - We need to do this bit to make it all official

then at the end there is...

At the end there is…

A Summing Up and or a Blessing


The Recessional - the bit where you ride of into the sunset together, hand in hand, happy ever after. You can breathe, you did it. Congratulations!

Music Suggestions for the Recessional

Marry you Bruno Mars

Best Day of My Life American Authors

Signed Sealed Delivered I’m Yours Stevie Wonder

Happy Pharrell Williams

You’re my Best Friend Queen

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